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Cool Tie polymer Large polymer
Medium Polymer  Powder polymer
Small Polymer Hydroseeding 

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Cool Tie polymer.... Small Polymer
Medium Polymer Fines/powder
Large polymer Hydroseeding

Shipping cost is included in the price of 2-10 lbs orders which are shipped US Priority Mail.  Orders of 55 lbs or more are shipped UPS Ground and are calculated by the shopping cart during the order process.

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(1) "Seller" is Watersorb, a US corporation;

(2) "Buyer", any customer purchasing product from Watersorb;

(3) "UPS", United Parcel Service, a for profit corporation;

(4) "USPS", United States Postal Service, an agency operated by the United States government;

(5) "Chargeback", a payment dispute initiated by the card holder with their credit card issuing bank.

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Cool Tie

Medium 1-2mm

Large 2-4mm


Small 0.1-1 mm



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 Powder polymer Medium Polymer
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Orders usually ship the next business day from Fayetteville Arkansas. If you have any problems, please call us at (479-871-1749).


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