Reviews of the Best Peerless Kitchen Faucet Models

Are you looking for a new kitchen faucet to upgrade your kitchen? During this article we will talk about Peerless faucets, which are designed to provide the best experience for you and your family. Peerless is a reliable company which has been producing affordable faucets with amazing designs in a wide range of styles and finishes to provide customers the freedom to choose a faucet which will upgrade their kitchen and life style. Once you purchase a Peerless faucet, you will get installation support to get the job done by yourself.

It doesn´t matter what you´ve been looking for; Peerless definitely has the faucet you´ve been dreaming about. From pullout faucets to bar/laundry ones; Peerless has infinite models and finishes with specific features for what you need. Peerless is aware that not everyone can pay for a professional to install the faucet; that´s why they have a program called Ask a Coach, which allows you to chat with a representative on their website. By the way, their website is extremely helpful, including How-to Videos and Will it Fit My Sink? Which are links to help you with whatever doubts you may have regarding their faucets.

What is a Peerless faucet?

Peerless is a company which produces faucets with the finest materials at affordable prices. When say affordable, we mean that most of Peerless faucets are not extremely expensive, even the top of the line ones. They worry about their quality and price, so their products will accessible to everyone. Most of their faucets are ADA compliant and meet CallGreen standards. The great thing about Peerless faucets is the customer support they offer. Their website is developed not only to show their products, but especially to help you to find the perfect faucet for you based on your needs.

For example, if you need a 4 holes installation, they you show the options and models which will fit perfectly. Their website also has all models available for you to read complete information and find out if they will suit your needs in the kitchen. Peerless is a company compromised not only with the quality of their products, but also with the support they will offer to their customers. Once you buy a Peerless faucet, you will have a product which will last for many years and you will be able to count on them to solve any problems.

What are the advantages of a Peerless faucet?

One of the best advantages of Peerless faucets is their prices. Compared to other companies and models, you will see that they have more affordable faucets with the same features from expensive ones. What happens is that Peerless has found a way to produce their products reducing costs on unnecessary aspects of the faucet without compromising their quality and durability. Sometimes you buy an extremely expensive faucet looks resistant and durable, but the fact is that the company uses high cost materials which could be replaced by cheaper ones, but with the same quality.

Another advantage is that Peerless has developed kitchen faucets to meet everyone´s needs. For example, they have models especially designed to work as secondary faucets, and models which work almost as a professional faucet. They all meet CalGreen standards, like mentioned above, so they are very economic. Peerless is a reliable and responsible company which has the perfect kitchen faucet for you to upgrade your kitchen saving money and trouble when it comes to installation. Next we will help to find the perfect Peerless faucet for you with a little help!

How do I find the best Peerless faucet for me?

To begin with, before you even think about a new faucet, you need to check the sink where you tend to install your Peerless. If your sink basin is deep, then you´ll have to get a specific type of faucet, different for the model you will choose if you have a shallow basin for example. A double sink requires different needs and you need to know that. It will be a waste of time if you just a faucet without checking the aspects we will tell you during this topic.

So, the next thing to consider and think carefully about is how many holes your new sink needs to fill. If you have 4 holes in your sink to be filled, you need to make sure you by a 4 holes installation faucet. Then, you need to think about which design pleases you the most; a high arc one which is perfect for people who have the need to fill large pots and pan with water regularly, or a simple and basic design. Make a list of features you can´t live without; and measure your sink properly to avoid surprises after buying your Peerless faucet.

How much will I pay for a Peerless faucet and where can I find one?

You´ve probably noticed so far that Peerless worries about quality and price. They want their products to be accessible to everyone without exceptions; that´s why they look for alternative and high quality materials. That been said, you need to know that with $100 you will be able to buy a single handle faucet, for example, or if you want a top of the line single faucet, you won´t pay more than $300. Low prices are not synonymous of pour quality when it comes to Peerless, and we can assure you that. Whatever the model is that you have in mind, Peerless will have it at an affordable price made with the finest materials on the market. Peerless faucets and well rated and users love how simply they work. Why pay a lot of dollars for a heavy 9 pounds kitchen faucet, if you can have with the same quality by cheaper because it is much lighter? There are features added to a few faucets which end up being useless and they only exist to charge you more. Peerless faucets are so affordable because they save money on things which are dispensable but not letting go from high quality produts.

Amazon has a wide range of models from Peerless for you to have fun searching for what you need. If you go to Peerless website first, you can find out with their help, the perfect model for your sink, for example, so it will save you trouble later. You can read costumer´s reviews on Amazon before buying any faucet to make sure that´s what you´ve been looking for. We´ve made a list with 4 models from Peerless for you to have an idea of their features and to see if any of them interests you.

Peerless Choice Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

This is a great value kitchen faucet to provide the best performance in your sink. It delivers 1.8 gallons per minute and it is ADA compliant. You will get a limited lifetime warranty on the faucet and on its stainless steel finish. This is a 3 hole installation faucet and weighs only 3 pounds which make installation much easier. It also meets CalGreen standards of water efficiency and has a modern and at the same time simple design. For more information click on the link below.

Peerless P299575LF-OB Apex Two Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray, Oil Bronze

If you have 4 holes to fill in your sink, and what you have in mind is a classic faucet to upgrade your kitchen and make it look more sophisticated; then you should have a look at this amazing Peerless P299575LF. Featuring a dark oil bronze finish with golden details and a side spray, this tow handle faucet is ADA compliant and has high arc spout providing you plenty of space to work in the your sink. This faucet stands out, and your guests will love it! For more information click on the link.

Peerless Two Handle Kitchen Faucet and Sidespray

If what you want is discreet and basic kitchen faucet with a side spray and which requires no plumber to install it for you; then this model from Peerless is what you´ve looking for. Everything you might need for installation is included, so within minutes you will have your faucet working at its maximum. Made from brass and with a beautiful stainless steel finish; this is an efficient faucet which will match any kitchen´s décor. If this type of faucet is what you had in mind, click on the link for more information.

Peerless Apex Kitchen Integrated Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Are you looking for a high arc faucet to improve the way you work in the kitchen? Do you want a compact single lever faucet in stainless steel? The Peerless Apex is a heavy-duty faucet designed to deliver 1.8 gallons per minute weighing only 5.8 pounds. It is easy to install like all the other faucets from Peerless and it is also ADA compliant. If you want to know more about this faucet, click on the link for more information.