Best Pegasus Faucet Models Reviews

Looking for a kitchen faucet nowadays is not the easiest job. There are infinite models and brands, including features and accessories which make us very confused when shopping. During this article we will talk about a company called Pegasus which combines the latest in innovation and technology to produce amazing and functional kitchen faucets to improve your kitchen. The company has been around for quiet sometime providing reliable and amazing kitchen faucets to make everyone´s life in the kitchen much easier. With timeless design faucets available in many models; your sink will never be the same.

Choosing a Pegasus faucet is guarantee of the highest quality and crafted designs. Pegasus worries about producing premium and luxury faucets not only for privileged people who can pay a lot of dollars for a faucet, but for everyone who demands a high quality product made with the best materials available on the market. Pegasus offers to their customers, timeless faucets which look great in any kitchen, since looks is also an important feature when it comes to faucets. Everybody wants a fixture which makes a statement in your kitchen; and that´s what Pegasus will provide you with feel extras, like a long-term product backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Pegasus.

What is a Pegasus faucet?

Pegasus faucets are strong and resistant kitchen faucets available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, all produced with love and care to satisfy the most demanding customer. Pegasus is so popular, because they are focused on producing faucets with features which are only found in premium and luxury models from other companies. Pegasus combines top of the line features on affordable faucets so you and your family will have the right to enjoy the maximum that a kitchen faucet has to offer. What distinguishes Pegasus faucets from the rest is that you have a premium faucet paying much less.

What you will get instantly, after purchasing a Pegasus faucet, is a long-lasting result with a heavy-duty faucet made with top of the line material, but for a price which makes it accessible to everyone. Why spend a lot on a luxury faucet, if for much less you can have your Pegasus with the same features and look? Pegasus faucets are usually the center of attentions in any kitchen, and it won´t be different with yours. A Pegasus faucet will do what it is supposed to; you won´t feel cheated at any moment; different from many models which you buy expecting something, and you end up with nothing.

What are the advantages of having a Pegasus faucet?

A Pegasus faucet is not just a simple faucet; it is an investment to your kitchen. You will invest your money on a high quality product, designed to work at its best with features only found in premium models. Most Pegasus faucets are made with solid brass ensuring its durability and hard work, and the finish of their faucets are so solid and great, that you won´t have to worry about corrosion and other natural effects that may damage your faucet. Pegasus faucets are easy to use and they are very resistant; they are perfect for houses with children.

Pegasus kitchen faucets are renowned for their smooth finish and durability. Featuring beautiful finishes and contemporary styling; these faucets will provide you an experience that could only be possible by purchasing an expensive top of the line faucet from premium models. That´s what really matters to Pegasus; that you feel satisfied with their product and feel free to rely on them. You´ll be able to find the most popular models such as gooseneck´s or modern ones to combine with the style of your kitchen and sink. Stop wasting your time searching for the best company; you´ve found it. What a faucet a great one? It´s a combination that you´ll find in every Pegasus faucets; high performance, smooth operation and durability.

How do I find the perfect Pegasus faucet for me?

Finding the perfect Pegasus for your needs begins with your sink. That´s right; how deep is your sink? What is the size of it? You need to have in mind that your sink needs to be able to handle your Pegasus. Now, you need a single hole installation? Or a 4 hole? It is important to pay attention to this things so you won´t have any surprises. The design is something to consider depending on your daily activities. If you enjoy cooking, for example, a high arc model would be a good idea.

Pegasus faucets come with accessories, which are indispensable for some people. Side sprayer, soap dispenser could be useful and if you want one those, make sure your sink has an extra hole. The rest is up to you; color, shape, size and everything else. If you have in mind what you want before go shopping, it will save you a lot of time and work. Pegasus will definitely have a kitchen faucet which will meet your needs and which you turn your kitchen into a fun environment to hang around with family and friends.

How much will I pay for a Pegasus faucet? Where can I find one?

Pegasus faucets are not expensive faucets considering their features. So, for example, if you want an entry-level model, you´ll pay around $100 or even less. They have top of the line faucets available for up $400 as well. Surely you won´t pay more than $500 on a Pegasus faucets, and they are all premium and luxury faucets, even the most basic ones. Pegasus is compromised with great value faucets and efficiency of their products. It doesn´t matter which faucet you choose; you are going to love it!

These faucets are available anywhere, but we always recommend our users to buy on Amazon, because they have all models from Pegasus you could imagine, usually free shipping. Amazon always offers you the opportunity of reading users reviews about a specific product. You will be amazed with the wide styles and models from Pegasus you are going to find! But, if you are still a little confused; we will show a list of the best Pegasus faucet models for you to have a look and decide if any of them is what you´ve been looking for. We hope this article was helpful and we hope that you find the perfect Pegasus to meet all yours and your family´s need in your kitchen.

Pegasus Lyndhurst Series Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet

This is a classic and elegant faucet featuring a side prayer and two handles. With a really high arc spout, this is the type of faucet perfect for washing large pan and filling them with water. You will have a lot of space in your sink! It separated handles work for hot water and other one for cold water, and it weighs only 7.5 pounds. This faucet is very resistant and durable, so it is perfect for a daily use on a home with children. For more information don´t forget to click on the link below.

Pegasus Newbury Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet

Requiring one-hole installation, and featuring solid brass construction for a long-term durability; this Pegasus has a compact and discreet design which will look good in any kitchen. It weighs 9 pounds and, has a limited lifetime warranty. This is a large faucet as you could notice, so it is heavy-duty and stand out for its sturdiness and innovative design. Compared to similar models from others brands; this Pegasus will save you money providing more features and better quality. Don´t waste any more time and click on the link for more information about this beauty.

Pegasus Luca Single Bar Faucet

If you are looking for a faucet easy to install, and delivering a drip-free performance; we have to introduce you to the Pegasus Luca Single Bar Faucet. This is a 1 hole installation faucet, featuring a single handle ensuring smooth temperature control and it is from brass. It is a drip-free performance faucet because of its ceramic valve. It is deck mounted and it comes in brushed nickel. It is heavier and more resistant than other faucets, weighing 11 pounds. It will look stunning in your kitchen!

 Pegasus Traditional Vessel Faucet

At first, you will think this is just a decorative accessory, because this faucet really has a unique and timeless design. But, don´t let it fool you because it is highly efficient, delivering amazing 2.2 gallons per minute at 60 psi. It has all the amazing featuring a high quality faucet should have such as ceramic cartridge, and a push button pop-up drain. It looks very different from what we are used to, that´s what makes this faucet so special and different. It weighs 6 pounds and comes in a dark and elegant heritage bronze finish. It is ADA compliant and it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Pegasus. For more information, like price, click on the link below and you will be directed to its page on Amazon.