Pegasus Luca Single Bar Faucet

Are you looking for a secondary kitchen faucet? If you already have a primary kitchen, but have a bar for example, and you are looking for a heavy-duty faucet to work properly on your other sink; then we have what you need, and it´s the Pegasus FS1A5067BNV Luca Single Bar Faucet. To begin with, its simple and classic design will match any décor´s and its single lever is easy to use. It is a lightweight kitchen faucet, which means it can be installed virtually anywhere, and it will suit your needs in a surprising way.

With a handle with will offer you a very smooth experience, you will be able to control water temperature by moving its handle forward and backward, and the water flow is easily controlled by pulling the handle down to the right. It has a brushed nickel finish and a ceramic disc valve to ensure many years of drip-free use. Don´t let is small size fool you; because this Pegasus FS1A5067BNV will not only help you to run your activities by the sink faster but also more precisely. It will definitely add a touch of sophistication to your secondary sink.


This is a single bar faucet designed to run as a secondary faucet. Perfect to be places on a secondary sink, it will work efficiently and will satisfy the most demanding customers. Its installation is easy and its pivoting spout and smooth action will surprise you. Featuring a high arch design and brushed nickel finish, this faucet will upgrade your secondary kitchen such as your wet bar. Its compact size makes it perfect to be installed under a cabinet, for example, where a bigger faucet wouldn´t fit properly. It is well rated and everyone really loving it!


This is a small and compact faucet, weighing only 4 pounds and its dimensions are 17.8 x 8.5 x 2.9 inches. It comes with an 11-3/4-inch spout height and it has 1-1/2-Inch maximum deck thickness. It comes in brushed nickel so it will look discreet yet it will match with your home´s décor. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and its brass construction is guarantee of a long lasting performance. But what makes this faucet so easy to install? Well, not only its size and the fact that it has an integrated single lever, but also because it includes supply lines to help you installing it by yourself.

This is what we call a combination of good taste and efficiency. And we couldn´t expect less from Pegasus, which has been producing high quality products for over many years. Another great thing about this faucet is its price; you won´t find a similar model for its price, and even inferior models tend to cost more. So don´t wait any longer and start using efficiently your bar´s sink! If you got interested click on the link below for more information on Amazon´s website. We wish you good lucky and we assure you won´t regret purchasing it.