Review: Pfister Cagney Kitchen Faucet

If you are tired of your regular and inefficient kitchen faucet, and you want a practical and multifunctional faucet to improve not only the way you work in your sink, but also make your kitchen look modern and sophisticated; then we have what you need. We are here to present you to the Pfister Cagney; featuring a high arc spout for you to reach all areas in your sink and amazing spray options to make your life easier. This is a great option for who wants an affordable faucet with features found in top of the line ones.

To begin with, everything you want and need in one faucet, you will find in this Pfister Cagney. It is highly functional offering a 3 function spray head. Choose between stream, spray and pause by clicking on buttons in the palm of your hand. Pause function is what allows you to move your faucet and the spray head without making a mess in your kitchen. You have the option to pause your faucet from running instead to turn it off. It helps you save water when not washing of filling anything with water.

This Pfister Cagney comes with an optional deckplate, and installing this faucet is a piece of cake, thanks to its supply lines which help you to install it in any type of sink. Its extendable and long hose is perfect for filling pan without taking them of the stove. If you have 4 holes in your sink that need to be filled, this faucet will do it for you. If also comes with a soap dispenser which is very useful once you´ve got soapy hands. If you have disabled at home who need to have access to this faucet, don´t worry, because it meets ADA standards.


This is a pull down kitchen faucet featuring an amazing high arc spout which rotates 360 degrees in your sink. You will be able to control water temperature and flow through its single handle and its spray head comes with 3 spray options. Ensuring a lifetime of use free from leaking; this faucet features ceramic disc valve technology and meets NSF low lead standards. The Pfister Cagney kitchen faucet is the perfect kitchen faucet if you want high performance at an affordable price. It comes in a beautiful timeless stainless steel finish with a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute.


Featuring a lifetime warranty; the Pfister Cagney weighs 7 pounds and its dimensions are 27 x 3 x 11 inches. It comes with quick install tools and it has a classic design with looks beautiful with any decoration.

You will be able to find this faucet on Amazon for a price you won´t believe your eyes. This is a high performance faucet for the price of a standard one. Don´t wait any more second before it is sold out, and click on the link below. You will be directed to this faucet´s page on Amazon.