Reviews of the Best Pfister Faucet Models

If you think your kitchen deserves the best faucet available on the market, from a company with an amazing reputation; then you should consider a Pfister faucet. Combining the best technologies available with amazing and timeless designs; Pfister has been on the faucets´s business for over 100 years leading innovations.

Pfister offers upgraded kitchen faucets in a wide variety of finishes including tools for easy, hassle-free installation. All their faucets are designed by professionals dedicated to find out the best technologies to improve your activities in the kitchen. Pfister will turn you kitchen into a sophisticated and elegant environment.

One of the amazing things about Pfister is that they are constantly changing their products for the best. They never stop in one place; their professionals are looking finding new ways to make your life and work in the kitchen a pleasant activity. Pfister has a great reputation which they have been building over the years with their impeccable products and customer support.

You can rely on them in case your faucet needs repairs during the year; something you won´t have to really worry about. Resuming, if you want durability, versatility and high performance; then a Pfister will be a nice choice.

What is a Pfister faucet?

A Pfister faucet is the type of faucet which you will have in your kitchen for many years offering the best experience in the sink. Purchasing a Pfister faucet means that not only your kitchen will be upgraded, but also the time you spend in it. To begin with, all kitchen faucets from Pfister guarantee a leak-free performance and they are all backed by a lifetime warranty. Whatever is the problem that you have with your faucet, you will be able to get in touch with professionals which will help you with whatever you might need.

All kitchen faucets from Pfister come with a so called Pforever warranty, which is the guarantee that every product produced by Pfister is free from defects. Their finishes are backed up a 5 years warranty. You can tell when a company is responsible by the support and warranty they provide to their customers. Pfister has nothing to hide, that´s why you will receive a lifetime warranty with every single product that you buy. Pfister is a world-wide known company and it is no less.

What are the advantages of having a Pfister faucet?

The advantages are infinite; to begin that you will have in your kitchen a faucet from a renowned company, which ends up being a great investment. If you decide to sell your house, a Pfister faucet will definitely add value and raise the price. If you search for Pfister products you will read “professional grade” a lot. Now, what does that mean? It means that when it comes to Pfister just are not just producing regular faucets. Their faucets are especially designed for you. They have designs not available at retail and an infinite variety of finishes.

Once you buy a Pfister, you will have support as long as your faucet is installed and you are using it. Pfister is a company really committed to the costumers, and their engineers and professionals are always looking for new ways to improve their products. Pfister is interested in what you want, and have been working hard to deliver unique and timeless faucets to provide you the experience that you deserve. Resuming; the main advantage is that you´ll have an amazing fixture in your kitchen which will add a touch a good taste and high quality. Your sink you be improved, so the way work in it.

How do I find the perfect Pfister faucet for me?

If you are considering buying a Pfister faucet for you kitchen, there are a few things you need to think about first. One of them, and the most important one, is about your existing plumbing. You need to make sure, that your Pfister faucet will be able to work with the plumbing already installed. You also need to check if your sink will be able to handle the type of faucet you are considering buying. Imagine which style of faucet would look good in your kitchen and Pfister will have a model that matches.

How many installation holes are there in your sink? What type of do you prefer? A pull out or pull down faucet? You will have in front of you a wide variety of finishes and shapes for you to choose, and that´s up to you because it is your personal taste. It is important to read carefully all information about the faucet that you are buying to make sure that it is compatible with your installation point, for example. If you go shopping with what you need in mind, it will be a much pleasant experience.

How much will I pay for a Pfister faucet? Where can I find one?

If you think that to have a Pfister in your kitchen you will need to spend a few extra dollars; you are wrong. Pfister not only produces high quality products, but also sell them for an incredible affordable price. If you want an entry-level faucet you will pay around $100. Usually, their faucets won´t exceed $200. It will also depend on the model and finish that you choose; but you won´t have any surprise when checking the prices.

Pfister is a popular brand and you will find their products everywhere. Especially on Amazon, you will be able to look for the model you need comparing prices and features. They have infinite models and definitely one will be what you were looking for. Next, you will see a list we´ve made with 5 of the best Pfister faucets models for you to have a look and see if any of them is what you want. They are all available on Amazon, and by click on the links at the end of each review, you will be directed to their page on Amazon.

 Pfister Avalon 2-Handle 4-Hole High-Arc Kitchen Faucet w/Side Spray

This is a high arc faucet for those who like to cook and are always filling pans and pots with water. Its spout rotates 360 degrees and it comes with a side spray for you to wash vegetables and other small items faster. This faucet is made from metal and this model comes in polished chrome. Installing it is easy and you can do it by yourself without anyone´s help. It features two handles, and delivers 1.8 gallons per minute and it is backed by a lifetime warranty. Click for more information.

Pfister Marielle 1-Handle 3-Hole High-Arc Bar Prep Kitchen Faucet

If what you are looking for is not just a simple and basic faucet; but a fixture to stands out in your kitchen and that looks like a decorative item? Then this model from Pfister is perfect for you. It is a 1 hole installation faucet with a high arc spout which rotates 360 degrees. It is a lightweight faucet weighing only 3 pounds and its dimensions are 14.6 x 9.5 x 2.9 inches. It has a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute, and its Tuscan Bronze finish will upgrade any kitchen.

Pfister Pfirst Series 1-Handle 3-Hole Mid-Arc Kitchen Faucet w/Side Spray

If you don´t like the high arc type of faucet, and wants something more compact; this Pfister Pfirst Series 1 is a 3 hole installation kitchen faucet with a side spray. Its design is elegant and will give a touch of modernity to any kitchen. It is made of brass, so you have a durable faucet; it is deck mounted and delivers 1.75 gallons per minute. For your comfort; it meets ADA standards.

Pfister Avanti 1-Handle 1 or 3-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Do you feel more comfortable with a pull down faucet? Do you want a model which will not occupy a lot of space in your sink? This model from Pfister features a beautiful and contemporary design, with a high arc spout delivering 2.2 gallons per minute. This is an all-in-one faucet which will upgrade any kitchen. Featuring a lifetime warranty and meeting lead free standards; this faucet is easy to install thanks to a Quick Install Tool which helps tighten nuts without any other tools.

Pfister Wheaton 1-Handle 1, 2, 3 or 4-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet w/Soap Dispenser

Last but no least important, is this beautiful high arc faucet which will provide you an amazing performance. It is made of brass, and it is very resistant compared to other models, weighing 7.5 pounds. It features a traditional style and this one is in stainless steel. It comes with a soap dispenser to make your life easier when working in the sink. Great thing about this faucet is that it works as a 1,2,3 and 4 installation and you can get an optional deck plate.